Breakthrough Migraine Treatment

Dr. Margolin is certified in using BOTOX for the treatment of chronic migraine headaches. He has developed a one of a kind integrated, multi-specialty chronic migraine headache clinic.

Every patient has the option to undergo thorough evaluation through co-consultation with Dr. Margolin and a chiropractic specialist. If criteria is met, patients can undergo cervical spine x-rays, cervical spine manipulation, Active Release Treatment of the neck muscles, and Botox injection all in one visit.

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May Specials

Cure Incontinence with Emsella: 6 sessions for 1500

Microneedling only $450
• Choose from 2 add on options: 1. Dermaplane before + CO2 Mask After OR neck and decolette

Get a free Stanley Cup with your NAD+ IV Therapy

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