our patients lose an average of 12 pounds in the first month.

Announcing the new Body Comp Plus weight loss program. This is endorsed as part of the Biote bioidentical hormone replacement program for which I am a certified medical provider. It is safe and very effective for weight loss. Two different easy and painless injections will suppress your appetite and reduce cravings, and help you feel full sooner. The Growth Hormone analogue peptide will rejuvenate and help you sleep better while increasing your body’s ability to burn fat. The weight loss cream targets areas of concern to dehydrate and kill fat cells. The cream alone has been proven to decrease waist size by 4 inches in 12 weeks.

We can also provide counseling support to make the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure long-term results.

May Specials

Cure Incontinence with Emsella: 6 sessions for 1500

Microneedling only $450
• Choose from 2 add on options: 1. Dermaplane before + CO2 Mask After OR neck and decolette

Get a free Stanley Cup with your NAD+ IV Therapy

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