30% reduction in fat
30% inc. in muscle
Four 30-min sessions

Emsculpt NEO® uses a combination of radio frequency (RF) heating to destroy fat and high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to build muscles. “You’re given a simultaneous treatment, so you’re getting two treatments at one time,” explains New York plastic surgeon Yael Halaas, MD. “You’re not just getting the benefits of those treatments individually; scientifically, it seems to be giving a better effect than just one treatment alone.”

The magnetic pulse caused by HIFEM creates thousands of involuntary muscle contractions, which improve strength and tone in the muscle. The heating technology, on the other hand, is intended for the reduction of fat in the treatment area to help remove those stubborn areas that contain a little extra bulk permanently.

March Specials

FREE: 4 IV Therapy Treatments

FREE: 1 month of Ozempic
• With the purchase of 4 EMSculpt NEO Treatments ($1000.00 Savings)!

Additional March Specials:

• VIP Peels: $300.00

• Dermaplane Glow Facial with CO2 Mask: $200.00

• Collegen Pen with CO2 Mask: $500.00

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