We are going to change the world with this treatment!

Introducing the first-ever stem cell-based hair restoration system. Office treatments are performed at months 1,2,3 and 6. This involves a 15-minute painless session using ultrasound to drive the stem cell therapy into the scalp. Hair growth begins in 10 days. The patient will apply the daily serum in between treatments. Once the first 4 treatments are completed, maintenance treatment can be done every 6 months. This is the newest level of science and a more advanced and easier alternative to PRP injections or hair transplants. There has never been anything like it!

DE|RIVE works at the cellular level to communicate with the follicular cells/structure to elicit activity in dormant cells. Unlike current solutions currently available (PRP, minoxidil, etc.), DE|RIVE starts to produce results in a matter of days instead of weeks/months, and there is no need to draw blood or write a prescription. Plant cells and human cells are almost identical, making it possible for 100% organic plant stem cells to communicate with human cells and make them respond in a manner that creates results, in this case, hair growth in dormant follicular cells.

May Specials

Cure Incontinence with Emsella: 6 sessions for 1500

Microneedling only $450
• Choose from 2 add on options: 1. Dermaplane before + CO2 Mask After OR neck and decolette

Get a free Stanley Cup with your NAD+ IV Therapy

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